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Q: Will the monsters in The Haunted Trail touch me?

A: The rule at EAKFEST is...Touch no thing and no thing shall touch you

Q: Will there be food there?

A: Absolutely! Inside the banquet hall there will be hot coffee, hot chocolate and desserts AND...MIKE'S PIZZA will be open for business providing DELICIOUS menu items on Saturday (at an additional charge). There will be food vendors outside as well! We have Kenny's Empananda Truck, Frankie's Franks, Philly Pretzel Factory and The BTHS Leo Club will be selling fried oreos, fried pickles and other delicious snacks and drinks.

Q: Can I bring a young child that might be afraid of the scary creatures?

A: You certainly can and you should! There will be non-scary hayrides through the woods until dark. Plus, there will be rides & carnival games that children of all ages will enjoy!

Q: Should I wear a costume?


A: It sure would be great if you did!


Q: What happens if it rains?


A: Hush! Don't even say that word! Of course we are really hoping that it doesn't but, if it does...EAKFEST goes on! There are activities indoors and the trail will still be open. It is a rain or shine event!


Q: I'm an adult without any kids to bring, would I still enjoy it?


A: Absolutely! The Haunted Trail is guaranteed to scare the bravest of souls! Plus there will be great food, great music, craft vendors and art vendors!



Q: How much of the money that I spend that night goes to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation?


A: ALL proceeds, after covering expenses, from the Haunted Trail, Hay Rides, shirt sales, Ghoul Free Game Room and dessert table,  go directly to the CF Foundation! We want NOTHING more than to find the cure!

Q: Can I purchase tickets for the haunted trail in advance?

A: Unfortunately, we have no way of selling tickets before the event however, you may come any time after 5pm on Friday or after 3pm on Saturday to purchase Haunted Trail tickets.

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