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EAKFEST has many opportunities for someone who is looking for a way to help their community. Whether it is to increase your community service hours or because you know someone fighting cystic fibrosis and want to help find the cure. Maybe you  just LOVE Halloween!!! Whatever the reason, volunteers are what make EAKFEST the success it has become and we LOVE them! Below are the areas
Below are the areas where we need assistance. If something looks interesting to you, please contact us by filling out the form here.

We are always looking for people who can either build for us or are willing to lend us some of their Halloween Props for the two nights!

* If you are collecting community service hours, you are responsible for keeping track of your hours spent on EAKFEST. Upon request, we will provide a tally sheet for tracking purposes and will provide a letter after EAKFEST.

            Most areas, except for The Haunted Trail, run in 1& 1/2 hour shifts. All volunteers are expected to be courteous and polite at all times! We don't want our guests to feel like they are bothering you or wasting your time. Remember, this is a fundraising event!

                                  (Details about each area can be found below)
                  ~ Ghoul-Free Game Room Attendants 
                  ~ Dessert Table serving beverages and desserts
                  ~ Hayride attendants
                  ~ Ticket booth
                  ~ EAKFEST merchandise sales
                  ~ "Monster Lounge" attendants
                  ~ The Haunted Trail line attendants***
                  ~ The Haunted Trail Guides***
                  ~ The Haunted Trail Monsters***
                  ~ Tech crew
                  ~ Set-up
                  ~ Clean-up

Professional volunteers needed:
                  ~ Make-up artists for monsters
                  ~ Set builders/creators

Ghoul-Free Game Room Attendants will be assigned to one of the fun carnival type games that are aimed at young children inside the banquet hall.

Hayride Attendants assist guests in getting into the trailer and ride along to make sure that everyone remains seated and safe. *This duty may be longer than a 1&1/2 hour shift.

Ticket Booth Attendants sell tickets to the Haunted Trail as well as the EAKFEST merchandise.

Monster Lounge Attendants need to have strong leadership qualities. They are responsible for making sure that only people on the list enter the lounge and are to instruct the monsters in keeping the room somewhat tidy.

***The Haunted Trail volunteers should expect to have a busy night! The Trail runs from 7-10 pm but there is a lot involved in making it run smoothly! We prefer these volunteers be at least 17 years old but will make exceptions under certain conditions. Monsters and guides NEED to have an adult with them if they are younger. Trail volunteers will need to attend at least 2 meetings prior to EAKFEST and will be given dates of all available meetings which usually occur at the firehouse on a Saturday or a Sunday and last anywhere from 1/2 hour to 2 hours, depending on how excited everyone is getting talking about ideas for The Trail : ) Yes, the trail runs until 10:00 however, in the past, we have had so many guests on line that we have had to run PAST 10:00 so be prepared for that to happen can only hope! It is soooooo much fun scaring people that you won't mind staying past 10:00!!!!! We do have make-up artists available for monsters in our "monster lounge" however, if you CAN do your own make-up and do not require much detail for your character, we would prefer you leave the artists for the more intricate characters. More details about doing the trail will come at meetings.

Line attendants have the option of dressing in a costume or not. Details about how that all works will be given at meetings. If we have enough volunteers, we can cut the shifts but for now, expect to be there from 6:45 until 10:00.

Trail Guides  Guides should be outgoing and theatrical because they are telling the story! Two guides go out with each in front (this is the more outgoing person) and one at the end to keep the group together. Expect to be "workin it" til at least 11:00!

Trail Monsters You may choose to join someone's set, be assigned a set or create your own. All sets MUST be pre-approved by the organizers for safety. All props, sets, costumes, etc. are the responsibility of the volunteer. We do have a limited amount of lights, fog machines, etc. and most of our monsters tend to "share" so long as they get it back! Expect to be "workin it" til at least 11:00!

Tech Crew  We need people who are tech savvy and would like to run our video, audio and lighting equipment.

Set-Up takes place on  Friday and Saturday morning.

Clean up takes place partly late on Saturday and early on Sunday.